Drive-Thru Hometown Holiday’ Showed Spirit of our Community

The last nine months have been challenging for everyone, including the Eldridge-North Scott Chamber of Commerce.

As we considered our annual Hometown Holiday event, the Chamber felt that this event is extremely valuable to the community, our local businesses, and the North Scott Food Pantry. We needed to figure a way to modify it to fit the new parameters of life that COVID has imposed on us.

Thus, “Drive-Thru Hometown Holiday” was born. Our goals were simple: to encourage residents to shop locally this holiday season, to secure donations for our local food pantry, and to provide a bit of normalcy and holiday cheer for the North Scott area. With the support and hard work of several of our local chamber member businesses and volunteers, we did just that!

We were overwhelmed with the turnout at our Drive Thru Hometown Holiday! We didn’t know what to expect for attendance, but our amazing community showed up and exceeded our expectations by so much! We had over 1,100 people attend, and because we were not prepared for such an incredible showing, we relied on our volunteers to step up and make sure that everyone still got to experience the event.

Each volunteer scrambled to accommodate the numbers. The Scott County Library, the Eldridge Volunteer Fire Department, the Eldridge Lions Club, Happy Joe’s, the City of Eldridge, the North Scott FFA, and the Eldridge Police Department worked so hard and we are so grateful for their generous hearts and sense of community.

Despite long waits to go through, we received so many positive comments regarding the event. We thank everyone that came to our “Drive Thru Hometown Holiday” and we especially thank you for your patience and understanding as we tried something new and different, and something to try to keep people safe while providing a bit of holiday joy and entertainment.

Thank you, Eldridge, for being so supportive of us and of our local businesses!

Tabbitha Kramer, Executive DirectorEldridge-North Scott  Chamber of Commerce