Warren Coleman Awards

The Warren Coleman Honorary Award was created at the Iowa Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation meeting on June 10, 1988. The award concept is that one award is available to be given to a club for each $1,000 contribution to the Iowa Lions Foundation.

Past District Governor Sir Warren Coleman was a veteran and long-time member of the Oskaloosa club having joined in 1948. He served as District Governor 9 years later in 1957-58. After serving as DG, Sir Warren held many positions on the Foundation for over the next 40 years. He was only the second Lion to be Knighted by the Council of Governors on January 11, 1997, where he was quoted saying, “I love serving and doing something I enjoy”. Sir Warren Coleman was the first to receive the award named after himself.

The following is a list of past and present Eldridge Lions Club members have received this prestigious award.

1996Tom Schwarz
Wayne Littell
2005Bob Wiese
2008Tony Hill
2008Marv Hinkle
2008Aaron Fruechtenicht
2010Greg Andresen
2010Mike McKenna
2010Jan Kroeze
2010Rob Rhinehart
2010Lancers Grille
2011Kathy Rhinehart
2011Art Matje
2012Mike Ripperger
2012Sue Matje
2013Kirby White
2013Jon Chambers
2013Ann Baughman
2014Scott Cauwells
2014Dan O’Flahrity
2015Tracy Harris
2015Rick Baughman
2015Nathan Kessler
2015Jeff Harris
2016Jeanne Frick
2017Merlyn Frick
2017Susan Day
2017Judy Isely
2017DuTrac / Matt Briehl
2017Lorenz Behrens
2018Al Mohr
2018Lynda Miller
2019Sheldon Isely
2020Nadine Schwarz
2021Ann Mohr
2022Beth Schwager
2022Susan Sissel